A Complete Home Loan Guide For First Time Home Buyer


Buying a house is generally the most significant milestone for anyone. And today, home loans have made this task much more convenient by providing people with funds that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to collect. But when you are buying a property for the first time, housing loans can become confusing for you. That is why we have brought a comprehensive guide. It will help you see how exactly the loan process looks like. So you can get prepared for it beforehand.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the guide.

Step 1: Find A Lender

The very first step here is to find a suitable lender. You can consider the ones from whom you may have borrowed funds earlier. Being a trusted customer, they may provide you with some additional benefits. However, don’t hesitate to switch lenders if you can find certain advantages with the new one. Plus, you need to pick the one that offers you your desired amount. This decision can also be based on first time home buyer perks given by the lender. The more the advantages, the better the lender.

Step 2: Check With Your Documents

Once you find the most suitable lender, the next step is to check your documents to ensure eligibility. You can look for a home loan calculator for this purpose. It will ask you for details, such as monthly salary, expenses, and loan amount. In return, it will provide you with the exact calculations of your loan. You can request your selected lender about their qualifying criteria for home loans. Based on that, you can go through your credit score, debt to income ratio, and other similar eligibility factors.

Step 3: Explore The Options

Home loans come in various forms. For example, fixed interest rates and floating interest rates are two common types of housing loans. You need to explore all available options to ensure you only opt for the best one. Moreover, it will help if you go through each alternative’s pros and cons to see what precisely it has to offer.

Step 4: Look For The Charges

The principal amount and home loan interest rates aren’t the only two factors associated with a home loan. There are certain additional charges that you need to pay, or they automatically get deducted from the given amount. The higher these fees, the lower the overall amount you receive. That is why you need to look for these charges and see whether they are reasonable or not.

Step 5: Application

After you have decided on the exact loan type, its details (home loan interest rate and principal amount), and the lender, the final step is to apply for the home loan. For this, you will have to provide the lender with all the necessary documentation they have asked you for. Plus, you will need to fill out a form. This step can either be done online or offline, based on your chosen lender.

Once all the formalities get completed, you will receive your amount in the given account. In the case of any confusion, don’t hesitate to contact the lender’s agents. They will solve your problems while ensuring that your process becomes smoother.

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