Best Short story Stationery Gifts and collections


There are a variety of unique short story stationery collections available. These products will make anyone’s day from simply elegant to utterly hilarious. With so many different groups and styles to choose from, there is bound to be one that meets your needs and fits their aesthetic. Have a look at these incredible short story stationeries below.

1. Space Collection

This stationery is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure. With space-themed paper clips, washi tape, sticky notes, and more, this collection will be an excellent gift for the loved one who dreams of the stars or has a great sense of humour.

2. Sweetheart Collection

In addition to these space-themed items, there are also two sweetheart stationery collections. One is adorable, with designs of birds and flowers. The other has a chocolate box theme and cute drawings of cupcakes and teddy bears. Both are perfect for people who are crazy about sweet things, whether it’s romantic or candy-themed.

3. Hello Kitty Collection

Her popularity and culture spread worldwide thanks to her products, including stationery. This Hello Kitty collection has great style, cute designs, and adorable patterns. The paper perfectly complements the sweet collectibles, as you can easily see that they have been made by the same manufacturer that makes Hello Kitty toys.

4. Love Collection

The contents of this collection are all about love, whether romantic love or friendship love. There are various products in this collection, including paper clips, sticky notes, washi tape, and more.

5. Animals Collection

This collection is all about animals! This stationery comes with cute stickers with animal designs, so you can decorate your planner or notebook any way you like. Use these stickers to show off your style and make yourself more organized.

6. Funky Christmas Collection

This short-story stationery collection is perfect for people who like to decorate items in their homes. Christmas and New Year are special days when all families gather together so that you can add this stationery to your traditional holiday decorations. The items in this collection include a paper clip, memo pad, sticky notes, pen set, card (calendar), and more! Use them to handwrite letters to your friends you want to revisit later.

7. Lolli and Moe collection

This collection is perfect for people who like cute things, especially lolly and more. Just like the name of this collection, the paper clips in this set are in the shape of small girls. These paper clips will be an excellent tool if you want to make something cute and lovely.

8. Love Live! collection

This collection is from the anime Love Live! This is a complete set of stationery with a variety of cute designs. The best part about thisShort Storyset is that it’s available in two different sizes. Use them to handwrite notes to your friends that you want to remind them of something important. Or use them for decoration! They can look great on the side of the desk or around your room.

9. Pokémon Collection

This collection is perfect for people who love Pokémon and want to decorate their planner or notebook with these cute stickers, making them more attractive and stylish! The best part about this set is that it’s available in two different sizes.

10. Love Stationery Collection

This collection is from a famous anime series from 2014, Love Live! Two stationery groups are available to fit your favourite character or character’s personality. This set includes 11 items, such as paper clips, sticky notes, and more.

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