How can I change the First name and last name on my Delta air ticket?


Have you reserved a flight seat with Delta with an incorrect name? You might face big trouble if you overlook this mistake. Don’t panic because the Airlines Name Correction Policy will help you correct the mistakes in your name without any extra hassle.

The Airlines Name Change Policy is applicable to all flights operating under Delta Airlines with 006 ticket stock worldwide. You just have to ensure that you follow the policy’s guidelines to avoid any inconvenience. PNR must be correctly documented otherwise it can get cancelled.

Delta Airlines completely understands your situation and allows you to easily make ticket name changes through its name correction policy. Through Airlines Name change policy, you can change your name within a few moments. However, you should learn the process of making changes to your first and last name of the Delta ticket.

Different Ways to Make Name Change on Air Ticket 

You can make changes to your Name through the Airlines Name Correction policy in three ways. Explore them here.

  • Official Website of Delta Airlines 

One of the most preferred ways to make Delta ticket name change is the official website. You have to follow a simple procedure to confirm the name modifications in the least possible time. However, it’s practical for misspellings, typos, and other minor errors.

Here is the quick step-by-step guide to change the first and/or last name on the Delta ticket.

  • On the Delta Airlines website, you’ve to sign in to your traveller account. Just put your booking information in the given fields.
  • Press the “Manage My Travel” button.
  • Now, put your Delta ticket details and press the “Search” button.
  • This will take you to your Delta itinerary from where you can make the changes.
  • Choose & open the Delta ticket that needs to be modified.
  • Tap on the “Edit” button on the upper right side of the screen.
  • You will now see an option to make name changes.
  • Now, you’ve to type your name and proceed.
  • Save the name changes and make payment (if needed).

You will then receive a confirmation from Delta Airlines at the registered email ID.

  • Airport kiosk 

Another way to do Airline name change on Ticket is by visiting the Airport kiosk. The executives will help you make quick changes to your first or last name on the ticket so you can fly without any issues.

  • Delta Customer Service 

Travellers of Delta Airlines can seek minor or major name change assistance from the customer care department. Share your booking details with the executive and he/she will instantly help you make the needed modifications. Call at 1800 123 6645.

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