How to look edgy wearing a sweater


Sweater weather is approaching with rapid steps and it’s time to bring out the cool sweaters from your wardrobe or buy some new ones. 2021 is all about subtly edgy, effortless, and laidback fashion and a sweater can help you achieve that look. Maybe you don’t really associate sweaters with edginess, but perhaps we can change your mind. There’s one type of sweater that’s particularly fit for a cool, edgy look, and that’s the Irish sweater. This sweater has a rugged appeal like no other.

Why are Irish sweaters so cool to wear?

The Irish sweater was initially created for the fishermen of the Aran Islands to protect them from the elements. When they first appeared, the sweaters were very heavy, thick, and coarse. Thanks to this and the intricate stitching patterns that gave them structure and dimension, the sweaters had a very rugged look. While the modern produced Irish sweaters as those produced by Tara Irish Clothing are much softer and lighter, the stitching patterns still give them the tridimensional look that preserves the ruggedness. One example that comes to mind is Chris Evans in Knives Out where he wears an Aran sweater. It looks fresh, tough, and masculine and it’s not just because of Chris Evans. It’s the fact that the sweater compliments him very well.

Aran sweater combos for a cool style

If you are the kind of person that keeps up with trends, you know that geometric knits are in this season. So an Irish sweater in itself is fashionable, but you can also pair it up with something nice to add even more to the stylish factor. The classic combo that anyone can pull off is the sweater paired with jeans. It’s simple but cool and laidback. If you want to add something more exciting to it, you could try to layer the sweater up with a leather coat. Leather coats are all the rage these days. It adds a mysterious element to the look. A leather jacket is also a good idea if you want to achieve that look. Let’s not forget about accessories. The go-to for a cool look is a watch, especially one with a minimalistic design. This makes the outfit look more laidback. If you want to look even edgier, you can add a chain. If gold or silver chains are not really your style or are not up to your budget, try a black chain necklace. For the ultimate Irish rugged style, pair an Irish sweater with a nice Irish flat cap. The best thing about these two – the flat cap and the sweater is that they are timeless. Trends come and go, but classics never fade away. So you can wear your Aran sweater confidently and know that you are always going to look cool, no matter the seasonal trends.

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