Hybrid Workplace, Technology And The Future Of Work


The global pandemic, COVID-19, is a human tragedy that has drastically disrupted the Indian economy like never before. If the corporate world is considered, every company was forced to implement a work from home (WFH) policy with the onset of coronavirus. Let’s face it, this sudden shift was not easy for anyone. While HR managers struggled to carry out their routine tasks, employees were sorely missing their offices, a place where they socialized, and up-skilled. All-in-all, the year 2020 has been tough for every individual in our country. But the good news is that people, especially businesses, have realized the importance of technology in the past few months. When homes were transformed into workplaces, not just employees but also employers faced a host of challenges working with outdated tools. In response to this, the majority of companies relied on technological advancements to solve their problems in real-time. Simply put, going digital is no longer a goal but a necessity to sail through this difficult phase.

In this blog, we will discuss five technologies every employer should invest in for a hybrid workplace. Let’s dive in!

Recruitment Management Software

This year, Indian businesses have experienced one of the most challenging times for recruitment. Going forward, employers are certainly going to face more complications to attract and engage the best talents from a finite pool of digital skills, all while limited by their own budgets. Even before this pandemic, expertise in fields such as automation, data science, and hyper-scale technology was already in short supply.

And, according to the International Labor Organization reports, India will experience a skill deficit of 29 million by 2030.

Now, a company can easily solve this problem if it is ready to evolve. And by evolve we meant choosing new-age recruitment software that will help to find ideal employees faster. Such systems are known for enriching the candidate experience that in turn favour a company to find the perfect candidates. Improved candidate management can work wonders for attracting diverse talents, too. Additionally, HR professionals will also be able to manage the whole hiring process without much stress.

Human Resources Management Software

Like any other business operations, human resources has also been abundantly impacted during this pandemic. While many employers closed their doors for the foreseeable future, a good number of Indian businesses implemented human resource management software.

Talking about HR software, it is an automated solution that is particularly designed to streamline and optimize human resources tasks. The right software will allow HR managers to carry out a number of tedious operations in a matter of minutes, even when they are working from their homes. There is just a little investment required to implement an HR system and it will offer ample benefits to a business in the long run. Truth be told, businesses without an efficient HRMS are at risk of getting left behind. Keeping this in mind, an HRMS system is one of the most essential technological advancements every company, be it small or large, must consider right now.

Payroll Management Software

For the longest time, Indian companies have used manual methods as well as outdated tools to manage payrolls. HR managers, on the other hand, spent most of their precious time in the back office jugging with papers and registers. The ongoing COVID-19 has only served to exacerbate these challenges for HR departments.

According to a recent survey, nearly thirty percent of companies have lost capacity in their payroll function.

The study mentioned a lot of reasons for this, from extra efforts required to manage payrolls according to complex legal requirements to challenges with handling the whole payroll process at home.

An efficient way to solve this problem is by developing a hybrid model using online payroll software. A good payroll system will help a business to take care of its payroll with a bare minimum of human involvement. Whilst there are several advantages of implementing online payroll software, here are the top ones:

  • Saves Time for HR professionals
  • Provides 100% Accuracy
  • Empowers employees with ESS feature
  • Improves Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensures Timely Payment

We can see a stronger trend towards online payroll software in the coming days due to the cost savings and peace of mind it provides to companies during economic downturn and uncertainty.

Attendance Management Software

In order to stave off the coronavirus threat, fingerprint-based biometric attendance systems will soon become obsolete. Especially, when the Indian market is offering much safer options such as attendance systems.

Attendance management software is seeing a rise in demand. Since such software offers mobile accessibility, it allows employees to mark their attendance from any remote location. Unlike traditional tools, attendance records are stored in the cloud that in turn makes the whole data management easier while working from home. So, the time is here for every business in India to rely on attendance systems that are secure, reliable, and non-biometric.

Video Conferencing Software

It’s no news that the entire business world has turned to video conferencing to stay connected with their employees and customers during this pandemic. With the need for social distancing and remote working, video conferencing applications have, undoubtedly, taken over the Indian society. A multitude of employers has become well-versed in video conferencing apps such as ZOOM, which was never entertained before.

As per a study by Barco, one-third of the workforce is keen on their companies investing in innovative video-conferencing technology to enable hybrid work styles.

So, employers need to make sure that they are using such apps to get in touch with their employees. If not, the wellbeing of employees will be affected to a great extent.

That’s it!

These are the top five technologies every Indian business should invest in today to ensure a secure tomorrow.

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The popularity of such systems makes one thing very clear that humans by definition are the kings and queens of adapting. We are sure if these technologies are implemented at the right time, nothing can stop Indian companies to survive, and rebuild in the post-pandemic time.

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