Is Your Dubia Roaches Not Breeding? Fix the Problem Now


Dubia roaches are often considered a great feeder insect for any reptile pet. A lot of pet owners often breed their exclusive dubia roaches colony to ensure their poet gets a regular food supply. But, to get supply, the colony should be thriving with a good breeding rate. In many cases, the breeding rate becomes slower and the colony starts to decline.

Therefore, if you are not experiencing that the roaches are not breeding at the right rate and the company is not increasing in size, it is better to take a look. Here are some problems and their solutions-

 They are not breeding

Often the adult roaches of the colony stop breeding completely. It means that the colony is not in the right condition. Here are the possible causes and their solutions- In general, the female dubia roaches start breeding after five days of becoming an adult. But, an adult takes at least 65n days to give birth to nymphs. Hence, if you have a large number of new females in your colony, it is better to wait. The zero breing time is normal and they might start to reproduce after 50 to 60 days without any problem.

Even if you start with females that are already breeding, they may not start to breed immediately in a new colony, Just wait till their breeding cycle comes near the egg-laying time

The roaches are breeding very slowly

In many situations, the breeding rate becomes lower and only a few females breed or lay a few eggs. Here the possible causes and their solutions-

 The heat of the colony is not in the ideal range

Dubia roaches thrive in the temperature between 80 to 90 degrees F. It is called the “sweet spot”.

In case the settlement temperatures are reliably high, breeding declines. If your colony has a higher temperature, the fix is bringing down the temperature. Keep it in the sweet spot as long and frequently as could reasonably be expected. On the off chance that it meanders, discover the reason, and fix it rapidly. A rearing province can deal with some temperature vacillation, yet less is better. Dubia cockroaches can get focused when temperatures are not exactly ideal, and as you most likely are aware at this point, stress is terrible.

At the point when settlement temperature is reliably low, creation will diminish. Not at all like the creation stoppage seen with high temperatures, which is an overall decrease in the pace of creation among the cockroaches that make up the state, singular insect creation will slow when temperatures are excessively low. This implies the dubias will reproduce less and the colony will have fewer nymphs.

  • The roaches are not getting enough food

Reproduction may slow if Dubia cockroaches need more food or if they have inappropriate food. A lot of protein and too hardly any sugars will negatively affect their wellbeing. So will an excessive number of starches and too little protein. Too minimal dietary protein may bring about the grown-ups eating their posterity. Bigger Roaches may likewise eat littler ones, which negatively affects creation.

Hence, check if you are giving the colony enough food for a healthy environment. Give them a balanced diet to counter the problem. You can also try ready-made food or roach chow to provide the roaches a balanced diet. You need to remember that the roach becomes stressed without food and you need to provide them enough food for their well being.

 Too many males

The ideal male to female ratio in a dubia roaches colony is 1:3 to 1:7. If the colony has too many males, it can cause stress for the entire colony. The males can eat females and become aggressive under stress. The best way to counter this problem is to introduce more females to maintain a healthy balance of male s and females in the colony.

You also need to maintain the hygiene and humidity level of the colony to ensure the roaches get a healthy environment to reproduce and lay eggs

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