Modern Wedding Invitations for your Modern Wedding


Every year, wedding invitation trends change. Check out the hot trends that are sweeping this year and next!

Though most of your guests already know the date, the formal wedding invites will serve as the official countdown to the big day. We’re not just talking about the venue or the time of the wedding, but the invitation will have the colours and the style that will mark the entire aesthetic of the meeting. This article presents 7 trends of the moment. Do you intend to keep any?

1. As protagonists, envelopes

When an invitation arrives, we want to open the envelope to see what’s inside, but… Would you be surprised if we told you that the envelope now functions like the invitation? Your guests get to see it first when you deliver the invitations. The envelope means harmony, delicacy, and attention to detail, making it a very clean design, following the same line as the invitation, whether it be a floral, elegant, minimalist design. As noted by L’atelier de Cocotte, “the little details make the difference,” so lined envelopes are a must this season.

 2. Watercolour textures that are artistic

This year the watercolours are not a novelty, but they have come to stay and continue to grow and evolve. Every year it amazes me how many and in what ways. An animal, floral, or a portrait of the bride and groom, or brushstrokes mixing the wedding colours

3. Various textures of stone

Increasing traction is a trend. The marble texture is large this season. The classic marble in white and grey is no longer the only version we know; now custom patterns are added to match a bride’s colour palette.

4. Liquid wax seals

This is the time to talk about the classics of longing, as their origin dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The wax seal was used to verify the confidentiality of letters sent at the time. It was only available in red..Its main purpose is aesthetic, although it also serves as an original and personal seal for the invitation.

5. The natural world

A few of the new trends are the natural style, the minimal floral style, and earth tonalities, sand, bluish greens and grains, which show nature without manipulation. Customizzate focuses on the little things that make an event memorable.

6. Disclosures

As a novel feature, the transparencies appear. Presently, semi-matte transparent paper is one of the most striking trends. You can use gold or bright tones to make them stand out, or to include photos of the bride and groom in the background. These can be paired with all types of wedding stationery, giving the wedding party a very personal touch. Alternatively, the transparent elements can be used as a supplement to the invitation.

7. Unique materials

Do you set trends in your relationship? I hope you accept my invitation. The  modern wedding invitationsbecomes an experience for the guests, lasting memories that they will cherish forever. We are talking about very elegant invitations here, using an image or a delicate design along with a solid colored leaf and albanene (vegetable) paper will yield a brilliant result. Square, rounded cornered, or a custom cut; these pieces can take on a geometric shape.

Are you capable of sticking to only one of these trends? Some can be combined if they are handled harmoniously. The choice is yours, just see the one that fits your style, and choose how you want your loved ones to feel when they find out about your wedding.

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