Short Videos: A Medium Of Entertainment & Awareness!


In today’s world, the rise of digitalization is becoming very popular as people are inclined more towards it for everything, whether for entertainment, knowledge, or to showcase talent. Social media sites for making and sharing short videos are also becoming trendy. As a result, the number of short video app downloads has grown over the years.

The Rise of Short Videos Trend

The trend for long videos has declined due to the emergence of short video trends, which are taking over almost all social media platforms. Therefore, the rise of short video apps is also enhancing due to the following reasons –

  • Encourages the creator and viewer participation: The trend for short videos has rapidly increased because it allows creators and viewers maximum engagement. By creating high-quality content, viewer participation also gets facilitated. A creator would automatically start creating engaging content of the viewer’s interest to gain attention and views on the videos.
  • Free Accessible Content: The trend for short videos is also increasing due to their free accessible content, as anyone can watch and scroll down their feeds according to their interests. The short video platforms rely upon advertising rather than subscription fees.
  • Creative and Production Barrier Breaks Down: If you look back, till the year 2010, for creating and publishing a long video, a hands-on experience on camera was a must, but now, with the emergence of short videos app, you can easily create and publish videos with sound, filters, and special effects.
  • Tailored Content For You: As a viewer, using short video apps is beneficial because you get content based on your location and interests. Thanks to Machine Learning Algos, which help differentiate the content and show it in your feed according to the type of content watched mainly by you. The creators would also create videos based on different genres according to the viewer’s interests.
  • Easily Accessible Content: The wider accessibility of the short videos is universal, covering the demography and geography and making it popular among people from different regions. For instance, short videos with sound effects showing life hacks or DIYs have a wider global reach and can have a massive audience.

Factors to Consider While Making Short Videos

Some factors should be considered before creating short videos to reach maximum views and constitute valuable content.

  • Frame the Purpose of the Video: Before starting to create short videos, always understand the idea and purpose of your video. You should be clear about whether you want to make a promotional, self-creative, or informational & educational video.
  • Where Your Video Will Be Used: You should also have explicit knowledge of where your video will be used, whether it is used for presentation purposes, for showing on the homepage of any website, or maybe for sharing purposes. The end use of the video impacts the type of short video that needs to be created.
  • Identification of the Target Audience: For creating short videos, you should know the exact audience you need to target to maximise the views on your content. You must configure whether the content needs to be created for younger or older audiences. If the targeted audience has a technical background, you need to create more technical content.
  • Short Video Length: The length of your short video can also affect the number of viewers as you should always consider that it should not bore the audience by making it too long or not worthy according to the length taken.
  • Listing of the Needful Assets: For making a good quality short video, you should always ensure the needful assets that will help you make your video more creative and valuable. For example, if you want to make a video related to the environment, you should be at a place depicting beautiful, attractive nature.

Short Video Genres to Keep Engagement High

Always ensure quality content for your audiences with whom you want to share your short videos. For creating and sharing good-quality content videos, you need to understand a few things; firstly, you must acknowledge the audience’s interests and the video’s primary motive.

  • Entertaining: The video content which you are making or sharing should be entertaining for the viewers. Always try to make short videos according to people’s interests. For instance, you can cover a travel vlog in your short video, and people nowadays are more fond of travelling to newer places, so they would definitely watch the video you make and share it with them.
  • Educational: By making and sharing good quality short videos, you can also educate people about various valuable topics related to everyone’s life. For example, you can make or share videos that teach individuals ‘how to improve business profits’ or ‘how to apply makeup that suits you the best.’ So, people from different sectors get desirable knowledge through these short videos you create and share.
  • Informational: You can also spread any information and awareness by making and sharing good content short videos. Suppose you want to acknowledge everyone about any current affair which is becoming quite popular; you can easily do that with the help of these short videos.

Now, for making and sharing short videos to serve the above mentioned purposes, you need a short video sharing app, which should have features like a secure login & signup process, profile customization, admin panel, push notifications, social sharing, QR code scanner, and many more. It should also have the best quality video editing features, such as playback speed, adding music & sound effects, beauty modes, beautiful filters, animations, stickers, and masks.


Short Video sharing is one of the best alternatives to create awareness, as well as to serve the purpose of entertainment. Making and sharing short videos gather the attention of multiple users and can make the video viral in just a few days. It is, therefore, essential to find an app with the best possible features and tools to enhance the creativity of videos and the right platform to share these videos with others is also needed. So, if you are looking for a better platform for making and sharing good-quality content videos, you can download a short video app like Hipi and explore its unique features!

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