The Best Restaurants in Columbia, SC


If you are planning a trip to Columbia, or even thinking about moving to the area, you will probably want to know what some of the best restaurants are in town. The dining scene of any city can really give visitors or potential residents an idea of what it would be like to live in that city. 

Where will you get takeout? Take your spouse or partner for a date? Head out for a casual bite with friends? Grab a quick meal in between attractions while you visit the city? Food is an essential part of daily life, and knowing the best spots for food in an area is so important. These are the best restaurants in Columbia, South Carolina:

Boca Grande Burritos

If you are looking for a quick, yet delicious lunch, or a super casual dinner with friends, check out Boca Grande Burritos. You can choose from a variety of burrito and taco options, including vegetarian and vegan options, or you can build your own burrito. Ingredients are fresh and local, and this is a great casual option in Columbia.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

If you are in the mood for something different, try Sakura Japanese Restaurant. If you like sushi, you will be in luck. Sakura serves sushi and sashimi. Even if you are not a fan of sushi, there are some amazing options for you at Sakura. They also offer tempura and teriyaki menu items.

Terra Restaurant

If you are looking for a slightly fancier restaurant to take a date to, consider Terra Restaurant. They are known for their happy hour craft cocktails, as well as their seasonal specials prepared from local ingredients. Choose your entree and the perfect wine pairing to go with it.

Il Giorgione

If you are in the mood for some classic Italian fare, head to Il Giorgione. Whether you are in the mood for pizza or pasta, you will be pleased with your selection. Diners particularly enjoy the margherita pizza and the spaghetti alla carbonara. Also, keep an eye out for nightly specials.

River Rat Brewery

If you are in the mood for a super chill meal and some great brews to go with it, River Rat Brewery should be your pick. There is an outdoor area that welcomes kids and pets, and a rooftop lounge reserved for adults. Besides their amazing crafts brews, River Rat also has a wine menu and some delicious seasonal frozen drinks. Their menu highlights simple yet satisfying bar food, like smoked wings, nachos, tacos, and burgers. 

If all of these diverse food options are making you hungry, head out on your trip to Columbia, South Carolina with a menu planned. You might just find that you love the city and the food so much that you want to make a permanent move, and luckily there are plenty of Columbia houses for sale. 

Whether you want a fancy date night restaurant, a quick lunch restaurant, or a super casual restaurant and brewery, there is a great option for you in Columbia.

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