Top 5 Christmas Gift That Your Prince Charming Deserves From You


It is said when you are with your special one, every moment is not less than any celebration. Everyday Christmas and every night are Diwali. When our special one is with us, every moment becomes so special and smiling. As we all know, it is a tradition to exchange gifts with each other. I know, you both give each other gifts without any reason. But here you have reason to give a gift to your Prince charming. So take the advantage of this moment. Nobody knows better than you, what your guy deserves a Christmas gift from you, or what he needs. So if you know it, and you are clear with it, then well and good. But if you are confused and don’t know what he deserves and what you can give. Don’t take the stress and let your face get dull. After all, it’s Christmas so you have to shine. Don’t worry about the gift. I am here, so why are you afraid of not finding the best Christmas gift for your Mr. special. All these five gifts are so special and I am sure your special one will love it because he deserves it. So forget the stress and let’s start.


I know, you must be thinking this is so common. I am telling you why you should give and your guy deserves. I am saying it from my personal experience. I am sure, like Mr. Special, you’re also always late. That’s why I said, at least when he will look at the watch he will remember that he has to meet you. So he will be on time. At least, not for Christmas cakes. But when we cut the cake on New Year he will be on time. I am just kidding, I am sure he will reach on time on Christmas. But because he is always late, he deserves a watch as a gift. I am going to give him a watch this Christmas. I mean, to my Prince Charming. You can also give this gift.


You and me, we both know how much a boy loves bikes. Every boy has a special dream bike. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Like my guy, yours also have. So this Christmas, if you can then change his dream into reality. After all, he works so hard to fulfill all your dreams. So it’s your responsibility and your love for him will tell you to make his dream come true. Because he deserves it, so if you are able then this Christmas gives him his dream bike.

Favorite flower bouquet and chocolate

Usually, we have seen a guy always bring beautiful flowers and chocolate for his sweetheart. But in which book it is written, a girl can’t do this for her special one or boy doesn’t deserve it. So don’t waste much time, and order for the best flower delivery in Bangalore. Along with his favorite flower bouquet, don’t forget his favorite chocolate box. After all, he also deserves all these things and lives all these moments. Dear girls, to make this moment more memorable. Give a flower bouquet by going kneel down in front of him. He will love it so much and you will make his Christmas so much special, romantic, and special for him. In this way, you will make his new year also very special and the new year special cake sweeter. After all, his Christmas gift will make the new year also very special.

A vacation

If your guy is doing continuous work and he is not getting a single leave from the office, because of workload. So it’s obvious that he needs some rest and a vacation to be fresh. Now you and me we both know, he will not do the planned vacation himself. So this Christmas gave him a romantic vacation from Christmas to the new year. This is what he needs and deserves right now.

Both of your photo frame

For your Mr.Perfect,  no one is more important than you. So why not give him something that always brings a smile to his face. I mean, give him his favorite picture of both of you. Because you are the one whom he loves more than his life. And you always bring a lovely smile to his face.

 I think, somehow, I have cleared all your doubts and solved your problem. You can choose any of the gifts from this list. I can assure you, the love of your life, your Prince Charming will love your Christmas gift so much. I hope your Christmas gift will make Christmas and the coming year merrier for both of you. I really wish to God, you both live together forever.

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