Top 5 Paintings for Pooja Room


Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to take a moment and spend some time in worship. Whether you are at home or in a temple, it’s important to find time for worship when God is all around us. But sometimes finding wall art that speaks to your heart can be difficult. We’re here with five suggestions for paintings that will inspire you every day!

Thousands of people have already become fans of these paintings and made them a part of their pooja room.

1. Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra painting is an ancient form of art that is worshiped in the Hindu tradition. The word Pattachitra translates to “cloth painting” and was created by artists who used watercolors on a cloth, which was then mounted on a wooden frame. Pattachitra paintings typically depict scenes from mythology or patterns derived from nature. They can be found in many homes as a   decorative element for the worship room. These paintings are usually used for worship room decoration because their main purpose is to bring blessings and happiness into the house.

Pattachitra paintings can be found at shops across India. The cost of these paintings varies depending on the size, material used for drawing, details like gold leafing, etc, but they tend to be much more expensive. However, the beauty of these paintings makes every penny spent worth it.

2. Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai painting is an ancient art form from India that represents the divine. They were traditionally used in temples and worship rooms, but they can also be found at home. Pichwai artworks are typically made of clay mixed with white pigment, so it is important to have a space where your painting will not come into contact with anything else like carpet or furniture. Therefore, they make the right choice for the medidation room or pooja room.

3. Kalighat Paintings

If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of art to hang on the walls of your pooja room, Kalighat artwork is what you’re looking for. The Kalighat paintings are an ancient tradition and while they may not be what you were expecting, they are worth checking out!

The Kalighat painting originated in Bengal and have been used by the people living there since the late 18th century. They represent scenes from daily life and religion. These artworks often depict deities that can provide protection or healing when worshipped with devotion. In addition, the worship room of many Bengali households will include a Kalighat painting as an act of faithfulness to their gods.   The style is typically simplistic yet complex due to its intricate detail work depicting spiritual scenes.

4. Buddha Paintings

An appreciation of Buddha paintings can be found all over the world from Japan to China. In Buddhist culture, they are used for worship and meditation purposes. For some people, these paintings offer a sense of peace and tranquility in their homes. The main purpose of these paintings is to remind people of the Buddha’s teachings and life story, to promote peace and serenity, and to offer a place of refuge from worldly troubles. Buddha paintings are considered auspicious for residential spaces so you must add one to your pooja room.

5. Madhubani Paintings

Do you know what Madhubani paintings are? If not, don’t worry. Today, we’ll go over the history of Madhubani painting and provide some tips on where to find them for your worship room.

Madhubani paintings are typically used as a form of decoration in Hindu homes or temples. They have been around since 1905 and use natural dyes like indigo or turmeric to create pictures that tell stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita or other Indian texts. You can also buy framed prints with traditional Indian designs if you’re looking for something more decorative than functional.


These are the top 5 paintings for the pooja room. They are just perfect to add spiritual vibes to your pooja room while maintaining its decor qualities. Choose the one that is the most appropriate to you spiritual and aesthetic preferences.

Don’t forget to share with us your choice of pooja paintings from this list.

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