What is Dark Academia fashion core and how to achieve it


Out of all the modern fashion cores that we’ve been introduced to over the last years, Dark Academia is surely the most popular of them. People who dress according to it always look preppy and chic, like they’ve just come out of the Dead Poets Society movie or Donna Tartt’s books. But what exactly is this fashion core and what is it that makes it so special?

Dark Academia is a niche fashion subculture that is inspired by the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the Gothic and Romantic art and literature. This core was popularized thanks to the major impact it had on social media, particularly on Pinterestand Instagram. For many of its followers, it is more of a lifestyle than just a regular fashion trend, as it also romanticizes studying, the academic lifestyle, reading, and being interested in topics like literature and philosophy. Characterized by a dark color palette and vintage looks, the clothes that are related to this fashion aesthetic help people express themselves, s

So if this is the style that you aspire to wear, here are a few items that shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe.


Knits, especially heavy knit sweaters are a must for the cold season and the Dark Academia style. Opt for garments with a voluminous pattern and in neutral tones, for example white, navy, charcoal, and beige. The classic sweaters made of coarse wool are great for the cold weather, but they are far too itchy and uncomfortable to the skin, so look for finer and thinner fabrics instead such as merino wool or lambswool.


Other than the regular jumper, you can’t achieve the professor-at-an-elite-boarding-school look without a sleeveless sweater. We recommend getting an Irish vest, as they vary from classic tweed waistcoats to knit vests with original patterns perfect for your Dark Academia outfits. You can pair an Irish tweed made vest with a suit or wear it on top of a button-up for extra warmth and comfort during even the coldest months.

Tweed suit

Speaking of tweed suits, a combination between a pair of trousers and a jacket of the right fit is a must in your wardrobe. Make sure to choose the right design and color, as although you want to look preppy and put together, there is no need to go to your classes looking like you just came from a wedding. If you’re just a beginner and you’re not too sure which suit would be a safe choice, we recommend sticking to classic colors such as brown and charcoal as they are sure to fit anyone regardless of your skin tone.

Vintage accessories

No look is complete without accessories and the Dark Academia fashion cores relies heavily on those. Start with a high-quality vintage watch that you can get on online stores or from your grandparents and that you’re going to always wear. A black or brown leather belt is also a must, as well as a leather bag or backpack that you’ll use for all your books and necessities. Lastly, don’t forget about the shoes: a pair of Oxford shoes or Chelsea boots will make the perfect addition to your outfits.

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