Why You Should Purchase And Harvest Colostrum


Colostrum is the name given to your baby’s first milk. Its yellowish, thick milk, dubbed “liquid gold,” is high in protein and minerals. This infant superfood:

  • Colonizes the baby’s intestines with beneficial bacteria to defend from allergies and illness.
  • It has a great combination of proteins, lipids, and minerals.
  • It aids in the passage of meconium, a baby’s first faeces, which can be particularly sticky.
  • Generally, colostrum keeps your infant healthy!

Colostrum is excellent for a baby; when is it collected?

Colostrum Collection Kit should have by all parents. Nonetheless, it may be especially critical if you wish to:

Every parent should think about collecting colostrum during pregnancy. But, if you wish to:

  • If you have hyperglycemia, high blood pressure, other endocrine diseases, polycystic ovaries, fat, breast operations, or restricted breast growth, ensure you get some colostrum on hand.
  • Avoid using formula while augmenting for medical reasons, like excessive bilirubin levels. Studies suggest that people who use powder to supplement in the hospital are over twice as likely to stop nursing.
  • Avoid early breastfeeding.
  • Learn how to use hand expression so that after your baby is born, you can release milk from your breast if your milk duct becomes clogged or you don’t have used to an electric breast pump.
  • Feel more secure, inspired, and prepared to breastfeed.
  • Boost your intake of early breast milk.

Colostrum harvesting before 37 weeks might be difficult or even painful since you aren’t making enough to gather. It is typically not advised to begin harvesting before that time.

But, if you are scheduled for caesarean birth, if your labour is likely to be induced, or if you are carrying multiples, your healthcare providers may advise you to start harvesting colostrum sooner.

Why should to collect colostrum?

Colostrum collection may suggest by doctors or midwives that are available at The Breastfeeding Tea Co. If a woman has diabetes during pregnancy or a previous diabetes diagnosis, mature milk might take longer to arrive, and the baby born with hyperglycemia may require extra colostrum feedings.

If you collect your colostrum, your kid will benefit by enjoying certain short-term advantages of colostrum, such as enhanced immunity. Infants are born without robust immune systems, thus why colostrum may be so valuable. It contains antibodies, white blood cells, and other immune-boosting chemicals to protect babies from infection, sickness, or disease.

Colostrum, for example, has large quantities of secretory immunoglobulin A, which defends the stomachs of an infant by fighting viruses and bacteria.

It may aid in the reduction of jaundice.

Colostrum is an organic laxative that aids in the elimination of mucus, your infant’s tar-like first faeces, in their digestive tract.

Since meconium includes bilirubin, supplemented breastfeeding or chestfeeding with collected colostrum may help prevent or cure jaundice. The most full-term healthy kids born to healthy parents will not require supplementation.

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