3 iconic hats in cinema


Most of the time, our brains associate certain images with other factors, such as people, ideas, movies, or characters. There is something peculiar about it that makes these associations, and in this case, we are talking about hats. I’m positive you have already watched several of the cinematic pieces that will be listed in this article, and you’ll know for sure what I’m talking about. Even if it was not the intention of the director or the costume designer to create something so iconic in many of the cases, these headpieces managed to leave their mark on the garment “Hall of Fame”. Here are three of the most recognizable hats in cinema: 

Thomas Shelby’s flat cap

iconic hats

Coming to more recent days, the show “Peaky Blinders”, which first aired back in 2013, features a Birmingham-based criminal gang that operates via terror and fear. One of the items they are recognized for is the newsboy’s hat, also known as an Irish flat cap, or more specifically, their particular take on it: the hidden blades inside the brim. Thomas Shelby (the most renowned character, and the one that made the series famous) managed to portray this timeless hat as a trademark for the organization, and its popularity started skyrocketing again. Even though it is highly recommended not to assimilate the characters’ reckless behaviour, it is understandable if you would want to adopt the style. Gentlemen around the globe revamped the usage of monochrome suits and vests, alongside the newsboy’s hats, thus making the show have even more of an impact, not only on the world of cinema, but the fashion stage as well. If this piece made you buy an Irish flat cap yourself, find Irish flat caps online at Keily’s  or other flat caps stores, and get the one that suits you best.

Indiana Jones’ fedora

Debuting in 1981 with the title “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (rated with a staggering 8.4 on www.imdb.com ), and starring popular actor Harrison Ford as the main character, this hat has been considered an essential part of Indiana’s persona. Alongside his even more iconic whip, the headpiece has widely become a fan favorite, and children all around the world started wanting one just so they can be more like their adored adventurer. Nowadays, it is almost considered memorabilia, collectors worldwide trying to buy the original at auctions, or just simply being satisfied with a copy. Nonetheless, this fedora managed to leave its mark on the history of cinema.

Hogwarts’ Sorting Hat

This one is a more peculiar choice, since it isn’t worn by a specific character. The sorting hat plays one of the most important roles in all the Harry Potter series: it reads a student’s personality and assigns them into one of the 4 houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. This hat is similar to a simple wizard hat, while also having the magical property of talking and storing special items inside it, as shown in the second movie of the series, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, when the main character pulls out a legendary sword from this hat (quite the MAGIC trick, if I do say so myself). However, even though this headpiece doesn’t constantly appear throughout the series, its value as a part of the Harry Potter universe is undeniably huge, Potterheads all around the globe see it as an essential element in the development of the series. Without it, our protagonists wouldn’t have been sorted in the same house, or even worse, could have been rivals. Nevertheless, the Sorting Hat is, even after 20 years, one of the most iconic headpieces in the history of cinema.

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