Best Ways to Examine Your Sight


One of the issues with vision is that you won’t be able to notice right away that you have a small issue like blurriness. Most of us are spending a lot of time in front of the computer or looking at our phones from a close range. This doesn’t affect as momentarily but after a certain period of time, you will have to visit a doctor for an examination.

If your doctor advises that you should wear them, you are not obliged to buy the frame at their clinic, you can choose on your own. This is where many people make a mistake and make a purchase which can be very expensive because they think the difference in lenses from regular and sunglasses can’t be changed. But, you have a lot of companies like Ray-Ban, Moschino or even Gucci Glasses which you can use for your sight also.

Check If You Have Blurred Close-up Vision

Something that many people don’t know is that there is a difference between close-up and looking at something far away. You might be able to see an object near your clearly and the one far away blurry and the other way around. Close-up blurriness is also known as hyperopia which means that you might have trouble focusing on something that is near you. So, you can focus on a certain object and check if it starts to be blurry at a certain distance, start from 30cm and move to 1 meter.

Check Distant Objects

Unlike hyperopia, myopia is when the target in the distance becomes blurry. This isn’t something that is 50 meters away instead they are referring to something that is across the street. For example, you are not able to figure out what is the traffic sign across the road. The blurriness will be different depending on how serious the condition is.

You can also use reading as a way to examine your vision. There is also another issue connected to having a hard time focusing on tasks like reading, drawing, sewing, writing or working on the computer which is called presbyopia. It is a kind of farsightedness caused by a lack of elasticity in the eye muscle. This is more typical for older people that develop presbyopia through aging. Read more about it here:

Squint and Double Vision

Squinting is a very bad habit that people that have a bad sight are constantly doing. Narrowing your eyes to focus is a clear indication that you should visit your ophthalmologist. This stresses your eyes so it’s better to get your glasses as soon as possible but remember to choose the right one so you can feel comfortable wearing them.

Double vision doesn’t happen as often as squinting but also indicated that your muscles or nerves are struggling. But, it is usually something that can be corrected with glasses. It’s always better to see a doctor but some of the things you can do right away at your home. It takes a few minutes to figure out how good you actually see and if you need assistance.

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