Are You Aware of Different Types of Lighting Fixtures?


If you are interested to bring some changes to your retail shop to look more attractive then perhaps changing your lighting fixtures can be a very good idea. Various lighting solutions that were used in most of the traditional shops are no longer the same that you can find in most of the modern retail shops.

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The following are a few most popular lightings options available for your retail store and you can choose them as per your choice and also the need for your shop.

1. High activity lighting

By using such type of lighting, you can cover the entire area of your shop with very bright light. Perhaps this is the only lighting option, by which you can eliminate darkness in every nook and corner of your shop.

2. Accent lighting

If you wish to sell your high-end items, then accent lighting will be the best option that you may use in your showcases. Particularly for displaying any new products in your shop, accent light will be the right choice.

3. Ambient lighting

If you like to create a more relaxed feeling in your shop, an ambient lighting fixture will be the right choice. This style of lighting should however be bright enough so that customers can easily see your entire inventory well.

4. Screw-based track lighting

This is a bit costlier option however nowadays energy-efficient light bulbs are used which makes them more cost-effective to run, however, you have to bear the initial cost of fixtures. This will offer a little more modern look to your shop.

5. Domes

These light sources are usually placed behind a luminous glass dome, which may not always be made out of glass only, but it will be the best choice for diffusing light. For ceiling domes, it can always be directly mounted on the ceiling.

6. Recessed lighting fixture

It is the right option for ambient, accent, and task lighting. It can help in highlighting certain product displays because it will focus the light beam onto the right area. Commonly it is used in any high-end store.

7. Track lighting fixture

Usually, this kind of fixture will be suspended from the ceiling. The trajectory of its various heads can be adjusted to different angles, offer you with versatile lighting solution.

8. Pendants

They are generally used over display tables or counters. They will be perfect for any tall ceilings because the cables will have the necessary length to perfectly light your store.

9. Chandeliers

In chandeliers, you will get a big cluster of lights, with a certain set designed pattern, for directing the light upwards or downwards and also in a diffused way. They will emit a very bright warm light which can emphasize your store’s interior design and also enhance the looks of your merchandise.

10. Wall sconces

Wall scones are perfect for ambient as well as task lighting. Generally, it will direct light vertically, upwards, or downwards.

We hope this will help you to make the right choice for lighting fixtures for your shop.

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