Tips to Become and Grow as a Travel vlogger on YouTube


So, you want to become a travel vlogger on YouTube? While the idea of traveling the world and creating appealing videos might be quite tempting, it’s worth noting that travel vlogging is hard work. You can’t simply pack your bags, leave for a vacation, and expect millions of viewers to watch your content. 

To become one of the top travel vloggers and make a decent career, you’ll have to remember a few key points and stick to the gradual process, even if you don’t see any positive results. So, in today’s article, we’re going to share a few helpful tips that’ll allow you to start your travel vlog channel and get YouTube subscribers to grow it along the way. 

1. Incorporate Travel into Your Life

Just because someone quit their job and sold all their belongings to travel the world, it doesn’t mean that you should follow in the same footsteps. Find your comfort zone and decide how you can travel while following your daily routine. If you work 9-5, you can make travel plans over the weekend and explore nearby places. During the holidays, you can go out and do some adventurous activities to create even more engaging content. 

The idea is to showcase the places that you explore through your camera and create useful videos. The easiest way to create informative content while traveling is to travel on a minimum budget. While making vacation plans, everyone doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars. So, you can show people how to travel on a small budget through your travel vlogs. This will help you build useful content for other users and you’ll be able to get instant YouTube subscribers for your channel. 

2. You Don’t Need Expensive Equipment

Almost any type of filmmaking, especially travel vlogging, is more about the storyline than the gear you use to shoot content. Even if you don’t have a high-end DSLR or any camera, in particular, you can still start your travel vlog channel on YouTube. Just fire up the camera on your smartphone and start recording videos. Today, almost every smartphone can record HD videos, which means you won’t have to compromise with the video quality at all. 

However, whichever device you use to record videos, make sure to focus on creating an appealing story line. Instead of merging random clips together, decide your shots in advance and use them (during editing) to deliver a highly engaging story. This will help you create exclusive content and get YouTube subscribers more easily. 

3. Reach Out to Other Travelers

As a beginner, the best way to create engaging content for your YouTube channel is to reach out to other travel vloggers. You can either collaborate with them on specific videos or simply meet them offline to understand their perspective on how to build and engage a decent audience on YouTube. Meeting like-minded people will also help plan to route for your journey as a travel vlogger. 

You can also publish dedicated podcasts on your channel where you can interview other travel vloggers and share their stories with the viewers. Always remember, the more diversification you bring in your content, the easier it’ll become to keep the viewers hooked and encourage them to come back for more content. 

4. Buy YouTube Subscribers

If you have already started a YouTube channel and it’s getting hard to get views, you can also buy YouTube subscribers in the beginning. As surprising as it may sound, but buying views will help you make your videos reach the potential viewers and build the initial audience. 

While there are several platforms that provide YouTube subscribers, we recommend visiting Sapiyo. It’s a professional YouTube subscriber provider that provides authentic subscribers at reasonable prices. So, visit Sapiyo and get the desired number of YouTube subscribers you want for your channel. 


The idea of exploring the world and getting paid for it has come across almost everyone’s mind. But, it’s worth understanding that starting a YouTube channel and growing it over time is not as easy as one may think. But, with the above-mentioned tricks, you’ll be able to get instant YouTube subscribers and become one of the top-rated travel vloggers.

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