Side Hustle Business Ideas You Can Start in 2021


You may have thought multiple times to start something at your own end and build an empire. But the very first thing that comes to your mind that pulls your leg back is the money investment. We all know that to start a business all we need is an idea and money to execute them. The chances are that many of you must not be knowing that there are certain businesses that you can start with zero investment. Yes, you heard it right! In this article we will walk through some of the best business ideas you can start that require zero to no investment.

These ideas will also help you to start your side hustle business if you have already a full-time job. If you are a housewife or a student and looking to earn ways to fill your pocket these ideas will surely help. So, let’s dive deep into the zero investment business ideas.

1) Content Writer-

The current time is the era of information. With the eyes open and close we consume new information. A writer is required by almost every organization. And, the salary they get has no boundaries. If you are passionate about writing and have a good command of the language you can become a writer. You can start your own content writing agency and offer various content related services.

2) Fitness Trainer-

If you have been always serious about the importance of your health and the know-how to stay healthy, you can guide others as well. In this century with the rise in the number of diseases people are becoming health conscious day by day. They look for the people who can guide them to lead a healthy and stressful life. Fitness trainers guide them to do so.

3) Career Counsellor-

Owing to the unlimited number of career avenues the demand for career counsellors has increased. They help students to choose the best career options based on skillsets and knowledge. Students who pass the 10th examination or 12th often get confused about their career choice. A career counsellor examines the student and suggests the best career possible.

4) Business Development Executive-

A business development executive or BDE is a person who analyses the market and the organization’s competitors and helps companies to grow by executing strategies and ideas. If you have a strong hold over the market and keep your eyes on the market situation, you can help companies as a BDE. You will be also responsible for bringing new projects and clients for the company you work for.

5) Event Planner –

If you are a fun-loving and creative person, you can be an event planner. Events like weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, anniversaries are managed and planned by the event planner. All you have to do is to make contacts with the vendors involved such as caterers, decorators, venue managers, etc.

6) Social Media Influencer-

Do you spend your most of the time on social media? Do you have a good number of active followers? Becoming a social media influencer is a good way to earn money just sitting at your own comfort. A social media influencer influences its followers and fan about the collaborated brands, products, and services and helps companies sell the products.

Wrapping Up-

These were the 6 business ideas you can start without any investment. If you have been thinking from long to start your own business, today is a perfect time. Have flair in writing, become a content writer, highly conscious about fitness, try becoming a fitness trainer. Can help people with career growth, a career counsellor is the best fit for you. Business list, social media influencer, and event planner are some of the other options to go with.

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