The CW’s Stargirl: Meet Stargirl’s Family


There is something magical about superheroes. From comics, to TV, to film, superheroes are everywhere. The latest DC hero to come to the CW is Courtney Whitmore or Stargirl. Stargirl is a family-oriented show that airs on the CW.

If you’re ready for a new show that you can watch with the whole family, Stargirl might be a great pick. Before you dive in, meet Courtney Whitmore’s blended family.

Courtney Whitmore

Courtney Whitmore is Stargirl, the show’s protagonist. She’s a bright, positive and energetic teenage girl. Created by Geoff Johns, the show’s executive producer, she was written in memory of his late sister. Courtney stands for goodness. The show begins, following the normal struggle of a teenage girl who is attempting to acclimate to a new town, a new school and a new family. By accident, Courtney discovers her stepfather’s past as Starman’s sidekick. Shortly after, she discovers a cosmic staff in the basement and so begins her journey as a superhero.

Courtney is fiery and unafraid to stand up to bullies. She is a curious, brave and energetic girl that wants to fight for justice.

Pat Dugan

When you meet Pat Dugan in Stargirl, he is the stepfather of Courtney Whitmore and the father to Mike Dugan. For all appearances, he seems to be a talented mechanic and normal family man. However, Pat has a secret identity of his own. If you’re a comic book fan, you’re more than acquainted with the idea of secret identities. While some superheroes seem to have scrapped the idea of being secret, Pat Dugan is one who has kept his identity secret.

His superhero identity was in the past, as the sidekick Stripsey. After Courtney discovers his secret identity, however, he is pulled back into the superhero life. Once again, he becomes a sidekick, but this time to his stepdaughter. He becomes S.T.R.I.P.E.

Mike Dugan

Mike is a typical bright, opinionated kid. When first introduced, there is some tension between him and Courtney. Mike Dugan doesn’t have a superhero alter ego, but he’s eager to follow in his father’s footsteps. He is an ally to Pat and Courtney and dreams of helping the Justice Society of America when he is older.

Barbara Whitmore

Barbara Whitmore is the matriarch of the Whitmore family. She represents the struggle to balance motherhood with going back to work and navigating her marriage. Barbara is Courtney’s mother but also acts as a maternal figure to all of her teen friends. She’s a kindhearted, strong woman who values family and is a constant figure of support to Courtney. While she doesn’t have a hero identity of her own, she’s an important figure in the Stargirl universe.

The CW’s Stargirl has a heavy emphasis on the importance of family and friends. Despite the family’s struggle, there is great love between them. There is something special about superhero stories that people can relate and look up to. Stargirl makes a great role model for children and is also a story that everyone can relate to.

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