Why Carpets Need a Scotch Guard for Its Long Life?


Protection is a way of securing anything from harm, damage, etc. It is necessary to protect your house items. Normally, the house is protected by the door and its locks. Windows too possess a lock system. Similarly, you protect the floors with rugs and carpets. The carpets and rugs also need some care and protection. If you want to maintain its longevity and internal condition then some steps should be taken to keep them safe and life-long. These carpets are given scotch guarding services.

The carpet scotch guarding is an application of a thin layer over the surface of carpets to keep them secure from any permanent stain or damage. It is a protective layer that acts as a security guard to the carpet.  The kids and pets are mischievous members of every house. They get naughty and go beyond control, at times. As a result, they may throw off snacks, spill drinks, splash water, etc.

The pet’s pee stains are quite smelly and leave their mark on the surface of the carpet, which needs tiring effort to clean. The curry, ketchup stains are also hard and stiff type stains. They get sticky and erase with difficulty from the carpets. If not attended timely, these stains become permanent. But if your carpets are well protected from any scotch guard application, you don’t need to worry a lot.

What are the benefits of having a scotch guard?

There are several benefits of using a protector on the carpets. A scotch guard is a waxy chemical-based spray, which gives a wide cover to stubborn spots and also resists soil particles from staying on the surface of the carpet. The major and eye-catching factors are given as under:

  • It helps in securing the fur of the carpet from any dirt.
  • It doesn’t allow dust particles to stay over the surface.
  • It repels allergens and dirt from making their homes on the carpet.
  • It also protects stains from going deep inside the carpet and because of it, is removed easily.
  • This superficial layer of the protector helps support the life of your carpet.
  • It also protects the inside of the carpet from getting wet, if there is any drink spill. The moisture stays on the upper side of the carpet and does not penetrate inside. This is highly beneficial for keeping the carpets in the best condition.
  • It saves your carpet from microbial contamination and the growth of any mildews and grime.

How to maintain your carpets?

Carpet keeping up is highly essential and need extra care, maintenance. Supporting the carpets, keep them in good condition for a long time. The basic idea is how to keep them? You just have to make some habits and act upon it. Following are the important points you need to know:

  • Regular dusting is quite effective in supporting your carpets. It involves the application of a vacuum cleaner or uses a sweeping brush to remove any settled dust molecules on the surface. Follow schedule cleaning twice a week or opt for weekends.
  • If you are not using any protector on the layer of the carpet. Instantly, without wasting any time, use any scotch guard. This protective layer gives an easy cleaning of the carpet.
  • Try to place shoe mats before your doorsteps. It will help in less interaction between foot trafficking and carpet. The allergens will not get any space to reside in the rugs.
  • Make a habit of taking off shoes before you step on rugs or carpets.
  • Give an application of carpet steam cleaning at least, once a year. It is assistive in eradicating the allergens and extensively clean your carpet.
  • Try to use the sanitizing solution on your carpets, frequently. It helps in killing any type of bacterial infection on your item.
  • Also apply odor freshener spray to delete the bad odors, if oozing out from carpets.

Methods of carpet cleaning

If you turn on a laptop and search for cleaning methods, the internet browser will open up so many links for cleaning strategies. Read and survey the method, you are liking the most. Home cleaning ideas are short cuts and safe. Doubtlessly, they are economical too. They are easily prepared from the items, placed on kitchen shelves. Vinegar is so common in Chinese cuisine and found in the pantry of every house.

Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing half a cup of vinegar, 6 tablespoons of baking soda, some drops of essential oil, and 4 cups of water. Shake them good. Use a spray bottle to sprinkle on the carpet surface and give some time to absorb. Then with the help of muslin cloth, clear the stains and spots. This mixture has magical rejuvenating results.

The steamaid giving carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne and are also very assistive in keeping up the carpets. Many types of cleaners are available in the shops. Choose and buy the one that is safe for health and surrounding.

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